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New Mann Road Water Production (WPF) Facility & Palmore Well Interconnect

Project Overview

The Purpose of this solicitation is to obtain qualified contractors in Water Production Facilities and Water Distribution. The general contractor, and their sub-contractors, must collectively have expert knowledge of these systems.

Mann Road Water Production Facility (WPF)

The proposed Mann Road WPF is a 1.45 MGD facility located on Mann Road just west of US Highway 98 in North Lakeland, consisting of a well pump in an existing well; a ground storage reservoir; four vertical turbine, high service pumps; a sodium hypochlorite chemical feed facility; a CMU motor control building; a standby power generator and fuel system; a CCTV security system; yard piping; electrical; site work; an off-site fiber optic cable; and select demolition at the Palmore Well site.

Mann Road WPF-Palmore Well Interconnection

The Mann Road WPF-Palmore Well Interconnection, located in the Mann Road and Marcum Road corridors, consists of approximately 1,300 feet of 8-inch PVC, DIP and fusible PVC raw water main; a 2-inch PVC fiber optic conduit with pull boxes between the Palmore Well site and the Mann Road WPF; approximately 2,700 feet of 16-inch and 14-inch PVC, DIP, and fusible PVC potable water main from Country Square Drive to east side of U.S. 98; approximately 390 feet of farm fence; and site restoration.


NO End Date Task
1 9/20/2010 Project Announcement
2 10/1/2010 Mandatory Pre Submittal Conference & Non-Mandatory Site Visit, 9:00AM

(*see Section 1.4 for details)

3 10/11/2010 Deadline for Questions [1:00PM] Eastern Time Zone
4 10/27/2010 Best Value Submittals due prior to [2:00 PM] Eastern Time Zone
5 11/15/2010 Notification of Shortlisted Finalist (If Applicable)
6 11/19/2010 Interview of Shortlisted Finalist (If Applicable)
7 12/1/2010 Identification of Potential Best Value
8 12/9/2010 Kick Off Meeting
9 1/10/2011 Pre-Award meeting
10 1/26/2011 Anticipated Date of Award / Notice to Proceed

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