Polk County, FL

Pilot Projects

NO Project Type Date Budget Status
Van Fleet Water Production Facility Improvements GC 9/21/2012 $3,500,000 (Est.) In Procurement
 Imperial Lakes Water Treatment Plant Improvements GC 6/11/2012 $6,000,000.00 (Est.) In Procurement
SWRUSA Pressure Reducing Stations Modifications GC 10/19/2010 $613,000 (Est.) Cancelled
New Mann Road WPF Facility & Palmore Well Interconnect GC 9/20/2010 $2,710,800 (Est.) Cancelled
New Holly Hill WPF and Reclaim & Re-Pump Facility GC 6/8/2010 $8,583,154 (Est.) Awarded
Utilities Construction Services GC 6/8/2010 N / A Awarded
Cottonwood Fire Rescue Station GC 6/2/2010
$1,300,000 (Est.)
Saddle Creek Fire Rescue Station GC 6/2/2010 $1,300,000 (Est.) Completed

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