Hennepin County, MN


Hennepin County Government Center

Hennepin County Government Center

Hennepin County is the most populous county in the state of Minnesota, with over 1.1 million residents, and encompasses an area of 600 square miles.

In 2011, the Hennepin County Property Services Division partnered with the PBSRG and began an effort to change their organizational paradigm from a management-based organization (direction, control, inspection), to a best-value leadership-based organization (alignment, value, accountability, quality assurance).


Pilot Projects

# Projects Type Date Budget Status
Emergency Communications Facility DBB 09/2012 $21.0M Awarded
New Walker Library Construction DBB 07/2012 $8.48M Awarded
HCGC C Tower Toilet Room Modifications DBB 06/2012 $0.68M Awarded
HCGC C-6 Remodel of Court Rooms & Judicial Chambers DBB 06/2012 $1.028M Awarded
Juvenile Detention Center DBB 06/2012 $0.69M Awarded
Roosevelt Library Construction  DBB 05/2012 $1.4M Awarded
CHS Water Main Upgrades DBB 03/2012 $0.56M Awarded
Penn Lake Library - HVAC Remodel DBB 03/2012 $0.23M Awarded
ACF Men’s Section Kitchen Expansion & Remodeling Construction 11/2011 $1.5M Awarded
HCMC Sewer Separation Project Construction 06/2011 $0.5M Awarded


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