General Dynamics C4 Systems

General Overview

General Dynamics C4 Scottsdale Location

General Dynamics C4 Scottsdale Location

General Dynamics C4 Systems is a leading integrator of network-centric solutions and is focused on the development, design, manufacturing and integration of secure communication, information and technology systems.

In 2004, General Dynamics C4 partnered with the PBSRG to create the Facility Management Research Institue (FMRI) at the GD campus in Scottsdale, AZ. The goal of the FMRI was to provide greater educational opportunities to facility managers to allow them to become more efficient. General Dynamics C4 also implemented the PIPS process on 7 design and construction projects, from 2004-2008. Today, they continue to utilize some of the concepts and processes of PIPS, independent of the aid of the PBSRG.

Program Summary and Significant Achievements (2004-2008)

# Criteria Results
Overall customer satisfaction with PIPS program 100%
Final post project close out rating (1-10) 10 / 10
Total size of projects procured using PIPS $2.79 M
Sponsored the development of the Facility Management Research Institute (FMRI) 2004

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