City of Columbia, SC


Downtown City of Columbia

Columbia is the state capital and largest city in South Carolina, with a population of 129,272 in 2010. The city is the center of a metropolitan statistical area of 767,598, the largest within the state.

In 2011 The Purchasing Division for City of Columbia, South Carolina partnered with Arizona State University, to incorporate the latest Best Value procurement and management techniques into their purchasing and construction process, striving to fulfill their mission of providing the highest quality of service to City of Columbia and its citizens.

Pilot Projects

# Projects Type Date Added Size Status
Agent/Broker Professional Services Service 02/28/12 Awarded
Winter Shelter Service 02/24/2012 NA Cancelled
Five Year Leisure Services Master Plan Service 01/11/2012 TBA Awarded
Automated Meter Reading Product Installation & Training Services Service 11/29/11 $625,000
Maxcy Gregg Park Pool Renovations DB 10/26/2011 $970,000 Awarded
Vista Greenway DB 08/11/2011 $106,000 Cancelled
Tennis Court Renovation DB 08/02/2011 $987,270 Awarded
Water & Sanitary Sewer Rate Study Service 07/25/2011 $147,900 Awarded
Auditing Services Service 06/28/2011 $350,000 Awarded
Uniform Rental Service Service 06/07/2011 $275,000/yr Awarded

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