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Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)

ADEQ Headquarters, Phoenix, AZ

ADEQ Headquarters, Phoenix, AZ


ADEQ started a partnership with PBSRG in January of 2014. ADEQ began implementing Best Value PIPS on (4) contracts; one (1) to start later in the year. Three major divisions in ADEQ are involved to see how the PIPS process can improve vendor selection, project performance, and quality results. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality's mission is to protect and enhance public health, welfare and the environment in Arizona. Established by the Arizona Legislature in 1986 in response to growing concerns about groundwater quality, ADEQ today administers a variety of programs to improve the health and welfare of our citizens and ensure the quality of Arizona's air, land and water resources meets healthful, regulatory standards. ADEQ is committed to leading Arizona and the nation in protecting the environment and improving the quality of life for the people of our state.

Pilot Programs

# Project Type Date Added Budget Status
1 Arizona Superfund Response Action Contract (ASRAC) Service 2/2014 $7M Awarded
2 Yuma Nonattainment Area Emission Inventory Service 2/2014 - In Procurement
3 Arizona Brownfields Response Contract (ABRC) Service 2/2014 - Awarded
4 Vehicle Emissions Service
5 myADEQ Service

Current System Performance (as of 7/30/2014)

 # Overall Criteria Unit Total System Metrics
1 Total task orders #  -
2 Total budget $  -
3 Total milestone deliverables #  -
4 Total revisions required on milestone deliverables #  -
5 Total hours requiring ADEQ support #  -
6 Total change order rate %  -
7 Total customer satisfaction (1-10)  -
8 Total on time %  -
9 Total on budget %  -

PMI Phoenix Effort

Resources for PMI Phoenix effort

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