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Dean KashiwagiFrom:
Dr. Dean Kashiwagi
Performance Based Studies Research Group
Arizona State University
June 23, 2014

Dutch Best Value Visionaries:

Wow!  What a Dutch Conference week!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I would like to reconfirm, that the Dutch, as a country and a people, are the most receptive to the Best Value approach.  Congratulations to Jolanda Hoogkamer, Sicco Santema, Tjeerd Roozendaal and Paul Oortwijn and the Dutch Best Value Netherlands group for organizing the conference.  It was quite an effort and it exceeded all expectations.  It was great to see both new and more experienced best value participants.

And three more BV experts passed the A+ exam.  Congratulations!!!!!!!!

And congratulations to Jeroen van de Rijt, Wiebe Wittenveen and best value co-authors for publishing a new case study book.  It takes a lot of effort and coordination to publish a book and the case studies are valuable to BV practitioners.  And the impact will be phenomenal for the BV movement.

By now, everyone realizes that the best value is an approach to the supply chain, business and the optimization of organizations utilizing expertise rather than attempting to manage, direct and control [MDC].  We realize that MDC is the traditional model, and has been so for hundreds of years.

The Best Value approach proposes that expertise is utilized to minimize cost and improve performance.  The best value approach uses transparency, a language of metrics and preplanning that is the next generation of the “agile project management.”

BV experts have encountered a slight disconnect between the BV procurement visionaries and the project management/risk management/professional engineering and consultant groups when a BV project moves from the procurement phase to the implementation phase.  This problem has been addressed in two different ways:

  1. The BV experts [who started in the procurement phase] are recognizing that they must reinforce to owners/buyers that they must be utilized not only in the procurement phase, but also in the implementation phase.
  2. The CROW/RISNET/professional engineers have also licensed with ASU, and are partners with the NEVI procurement group.  The project managers, engineers, and risk managers are such an important part of the best value effort, and they will be educated not only by the BV certified procurement experts, but also by their own professional peers headed up by Tjeerd Roozendaal and Paul Oortwijn.

I will be returning to the Netherlands and will support the best value efforts of the Best Value Certification board and the BV visionaries.  Dates are:

July 5 – 12: Support of ICT study with Shuberg Philis

August 28 – 30: Support of the Lille SKEMA postgraduate conference

Sept 26 – Oct 1: Support of the IPMA conference [days are completely reserved]

Oct 28 – Nov 6: Support of ICT conference and support of Norway introduction of BV concepts

For those who have efforts that could use my assistance to stimulate further BV usage, please notify Isaac Kashiwagi by email [isaackashiwagi@ksm-inc.com], or Dr. Dean by response to Linked In, or email as early as possible.

The Jan 2015 Best Value Education and Training Session [Jan 11 -15, 2015] is now open for registration.  After 6 months of suggestions and requests to get more individual training, the 2015 conference will include the following:

  1. Individual feedback sessions on A+ exam for attendees who previously took the A+ exam to be held before the conference [Jan 10 -11th].
  2. Pretest starting Oct 1, 2015 which include questions posed during the year and from the latest manual.
  3. One hour consultation sessions on Jan 10-11th, instead of during the conference, allowing Dr. Dean to spend more time with A+ groups and general session.
  4. More emphasis on the creation of transparency, and the language of metrics how to assist vendors to create a plan from beginning to end.
  5. Concentration of areas of ICT, Medical industry and professional engineers and consultants, as well as construction.
  6. An additional day preceding the conference will be used for lifestyle coaches and mentoring and personal development.  For those who attend the conference and are interested in the human development side of the BV approach, this additional day is at no extra charge.

Attendees are responsible for pre-coordinating hotel reservations ahead of time with both the Double Tree hotel and Joseph Kashiwagi [josephkashiwagi@gmail.com] for early sessions.

Look forward to continue to see the progress of the Dutch BV effort.

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